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What Sets BuddyCode GPT Apart

Seamless Integration

BuddyCode seamlessly integrates into your Blender workflow, providing a user-friendly interface directly within the Text Editor. Say goodbye to constant tab-switching and hello to uninterrupted coding sessions.

Effortless Organization

With BuddyCode, organizing your code files is a breeze. Navigate through your projects effortlessly with the built-in file browser, keeping your scripts tidy and accessible at all times.

Instant Code Generation

Need to create a new Python script? BuddyCode has you covered. Generate new files instantly with just a click, saving you time and hassle.

Smart Code Completion

Boost your productivity with BuddyCode’s intelligent code completion. Receive context-aware suggestions powered by advanced AI models, helping you write code faster and more efficiently.

Visual Inspiration

BuddyCode’s image processing feature. Incorporate visual cues into your coding process to spark new ideas and innovative solutions.

Effortless Sharing

Share code snippets seamlessly with the built-in clipboard functionality. Copy output text with a single click, streamlining collaboration and enhancing productivity.


LM Studio & Ollama Integration

BuddyCode harnesses the power of LM Studio and Ollama, free desktop apps, for its advanced AI-driven features. LM Studio and Ollama provide the underlying AI models required for BuddyCode’s intelligent code completion.

Download LM Studio here for free.

Download Ollama here for free.

Experience the Difference with BuddyCode GPT

Unlock the full potential of Blender's Text Editor with BuddyCode by your side. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, BuddyCode is your go-to tool for smoother, more efficient coding sessions. Try BuddyCode today and take your Blender coding experience to new heights.



Welcome to the BuddyCode GPT Documentation – your gateway to unlocking the full potential of this revolutionary addon. Below, you'll find comprehensive guidance on how to harness the power of BuddyCode and elevate your Blender experience to new heights.


  1. Download the BuddyCode GPT addon file.
  2. In Blender, navigate to Edit > Preferences > Add-ons.
  3. Click "Install" and select the BuddyCode GPT addon file.
  4. Activate the addon by checking the box next to its name.

LM Studio & Ollama Integration

Before using BuddyCode GPT, ensure you have LM Studio and Ollama installed on your system.

LM Studio and Ollama provide the underlying AI models required for BuddyCode GPT's intelligent code completion features.

Download LM Studio here for free.

Download Ollama here for free.

Running Models Locally

Enjoy hassle-free AI-powered code completion by running LM Studio and Ollama models locally on your machine.

Simply configure BuddyCode GPT to use the local endpoint URLs provided by LM Studio and Ollama, and experience lightning-fast completion suggestions without the need for internet connectivity.

BuddyCode GPT is simple to use, and it has a FREE Tier!! What are you waiting for Grab a copy for yourself NOW!!

Experience seamless AI-driven code completion by leveraging LM Studio and Ollama models directly on your local system, eliminating any potential hassles.The Free Addon provides you with LM Studio Integration ONLY! That is enough for you to get started. Rest is behind paywall so if you want future updates please feel free to buy the paid version since you will get integration with both LM Studio and Ollama Servers also the latest and greatest Updates!